Past and Present Projects

In 2012, we started creating apps based on algorithms of subject matter that most interested Google users. After about a year, we we shifted our focus to  niches that we were passionate about.

These niches are under different publisher names;

SPORZ – was originally ‘specialty of the region’ and focused on travel and food destinations. Later, we shifted toward only travel destinations. Then, we moved the food related apps to the developer name, SPORZFnB. We had grown our apps to over 100 in the Google Play, but the upkeep was daunting and we ended up downsizing to a handful of  our highest downloaded apps.

Then we added a line of apps on international sports that really took off, especially International Rugby and Beach Volleyball. The sports apps are published under WORLDSPORTZ.

These 3 subject areas are under the developer name, WORDSPASS in the AMAZON Store, where you can download 44 of them.

To enrich the user experience of our apps we have created websites, Facebook pages and a couple of ebooks (Kindle). The SPORZ apps, Scottish Highlands and Monument Valley inspired us to create travel trivia books which are available in the AMAZON store;

Monument Valley Travel Trivia

Scotish Higlands Travel Trivia

One of our most popular apps has held the Top 10 slot of apps on the subject of Route 66 for over almost 5 years now. We developed a website ( and our Route 66 Facebook App page to help generate extra content beneficial to our users.

In 2015, USAPPBIZ landed it’s first major client with an internal communications app developed for the Westin Kierland Resort (now a Marriott property). The app was originally set-up in the Apple store with a password portal that only the employees could download, but is currently being removed from the store to enroll in Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

This business app account shifted our focus to developing apps for businesses and downsizing our informational app portfolio considerably.

Through our membership we took the sting of shelling out $1000s of dollars up front on development to a low monthly subscription (billed annually). You cannot afford not to subscribe to the app development program  with USAPPBIZ!

We have just finished developing a new app that will assist restaurant patrons with ordering food with wine pairings. This is called, yourwinelistapp. We are in the process of signing new clients for this exciting new application. Check out this app’s website to see what our new clients are saying about us.

We have just started a new project for a Marriott International property, a loyalty rewards app that will capture local patrons and reward them for visiting 5 of their F&B outlets on property.

We are in the process of adding a new exciting drop ship eCommerce site to our portfolio called,, which will be using Magento and Apple Pay, selling homemade products from small business owners/producers from each US State.

If you are interested in becoming a member of USAPPBIZ, subscribe with an introductory email to us about your business (include your www).

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